The Metamorphozis project is the result of a collaboration between Anna Wojtowicz-Pancerz and Michal Jozef Gleczman.

Anna Wojtowicz-Pancerz

Trained as a mathematician, educator, manager, psychotronics. She was a mathematics teacher for 20 years, including 13 years as director of the High School

He has been working in life counseling for more than 20 years, combining science with spirituality and shamanism. 

In her work she uses Numerology, Tarot and Hypnosis.

Astrological, earthy Taurus and numerological “30 life advisor” .

Michał Józef Gleczman

Psychologist, addiction psychotherapy specialist, manager, IT specialist by profession. For 20 years he worked with patients in psychiatric-therapeutic centers. For many years director of the Psychotherapy Center.

In his work he combines classical methods with the concept of New Earth Psychology.

Astrological Cancer and numerological “4 of 31”.