The latest science, discoveries about human DNA prove that human emotions and feelings not only affect our physical body health, but also give us extraordinary power to create the reality around us, both in the material world and in relationships and relations.

The discovery and rising awareness of this extraordinary mastery in each of us gives us unlimited possibilities of creating a new quality, a new earthly life.

It reveals to us our ability to create a “New Earth”.

So, why Psychology?

Psyche means soul and Logos means word, thought, understanding.

What is Soul then?

According to the concept which assumes that a man is an energy structure – a physical human body is its lowest vibration (frequency) structure, where each organ has its own distinct frequency. The physical human body is a mortal, transient structure although recent research makes humans more and more aware of their great power in keeping it (physical human body) in a good shape.

Another transient structure is the etheric sheath which dissolves 3-5 days after the death of the physical human body.

Where then to look for the Soul?

The answer comes with next level of this energy structure – the emotional body – which is an energetic record of emotions from previous incarnations containing informations of our past lives that we lead in previous eras. It is also a record of emotions from the energy fields of our ancestors and our emotions coming from our childhood to the age of 6. This period of every person’s life is a time where we take on most behavioral patterns from the growing up environment. It is also a record of talents, aptitudes and life challenges planned for this Soul’s incarnation.

The emotional body is what we usually call subconscious.

This is the most powerful sphere within each of us, which is only in a small part subject to the control of a reason.

It is actually this energetic sphere that attracts like a magnet our life experiences, which the mentality tries to recognize, segregate, explain, evaluate and eventually change.

New Earth Psychology is a new concept of understanding man’s life, of seeing man as something beyond the physical body and reason.

The New Earth Psychology is looking at a man through his energy structure thus differently understands life experiences.

Because of the new approach it is taking it also offers new quality of tools for diagnosing subconscious records of his nature and new therapy techniques that change programs in the structure of the emotional body, restoring a person’s own power to create a new, better quality of life.