In the concept of the New Earth Psychology, the basic tool used to diagnose the client and his life situation is the analysis of individual number systems (called Numerology). The civilization in which we live – our matrix – organizes our reality through numbers.

We sense the numbers surrounding us in our world intuitively and usually we do not realize that they define the same thing in our matrix as color or sound. An example is Grigori Grabovoi – a clairvoyant – who, through numbers, sees disturbances in a person’s energy structure that thicken in the physical body as disease. He also sees the possibility of healing through the introduction of numerical codes written into the subconscious.

Each of us comes to earth in a specific numerical pattern adopted in our calendar matrix.

Each of us is named – each is given a specific vibrational arrangement associated with names and surnames – hence he becomes unique in our world in terms of numerical vibrations as if his numerological pesel was established for him. His individual numerical arrangement coexisted with all the variety of numerical vibrations of the matrix.

Our many years of experience working with individual numbers convince us in our work with clients every day that a well-done analysis of personal numbers gives absolute accuracy in diagnosis and begins the client’s path of therapy from understanding his nature and life experiences to reprogramming his emotional records.

In our concept of New Earth psychology, we share much of our knowledge in conducting diagnosis with this tool in the form of workshops and courses.

We reveal to listeners proven and confirmed by years of experience the possibilities of using numerical vibrations to discover one’s talents and challenges; to create harmony in relationships and relations; to coexist with the matrix in terms of abundance in the material world.