A school that prepares in a comprehensive way in the field of New Earth Psychology therapist.

In an abbreviated path, the school prepares students for the role of Life Advisor.

The School of New Earth Psychology “Metamorphozis” prepares students to work as life advisors, conduct individual client therapy, conduct group therapy.

As part of the School, the student is introduced to the concept of New Earth Psychology, learns about the methods of work and diagnosis present in the New Earth Psychology concept, as well as classical psychotherapeutic paradigms. Within the framework of the School, students are provided with their own work, as well as didactics in the field of psychology, psychiatry, pharmacology and the legal environment concerning the profession of (psycho)therapist.

The school meets the requirements imposed by law. Duration: 4 years.

The first edition is scheduled to begin in January 2025.

Information on the program, intake, pricing, etc. will be published in the near future.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us.