After receiving a diagnosis based on the analysis of numerical vibrations, the client realizes, moving in the β frequency area of the brain’s work, his nature and his current life place as a planned experience of his/her the current incarnation.

Confronting the information he receives with what he knows about himself and the problems he has worked through, he acquires the conviction that he can make changes in the way he lives. He acquires the conviction that he himself is the creator of this experience and all the power of transformation is within him, “in his heart.”

In our understanding of humans as energetic beings, the records in the structure of the emotional body, the subconscious, are the main area provoking life experiences.

The external world is a mirror reflection not of what the mental wants, but of what is provoked by subconscious emotions and feelings.

The concepts of creating a new quality of self for experiencing one’s own happiness, health, abundance proposed and promoted by the New Earth masters, i.e. Toll, Braden, Dispenze absolutely convince us.

In our concept of working on reprogramming the emotional body’s records in the subconscious – we use a tool that we refer to as hypnosis, although it is actually more than that.

Working with this method requires introducing the client to the alpha and theta frequencies of the brain, but aims to identify subconscious records provoking difficult client’s life experiences, and then “inscribe” a new quality of patterns.

The primary area that is addressed first is to enter the space of “one’s own heart,” one’s own individuality in the DNA records and provoke authentic love and acceptance of oneself on all levels. Rebuilding one’s power is done using a “subconscious journey” through the choice of incarnation, choice of parents, relationships, experiences, etc.

The images created in the subconscious by guided visualizations, using the coherence of the heart with the brain, allow the creation of new records, new software that manifests later in the real world.

We use our new hypnosis method to work in one-on-one sessions with clients and in multi-day workshops.